Off Purpose

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Picking up where the 2008 Covert EP left off, Off Purpose further explores the eclectic fringes of electronic genre mutation that Testube is so well known for. By fusing glitchy chaotic percussion, dramatic textural displays, anti-pop melody and the occasional old school industrial groove, Off Purpose promises to deliver a little bit of something for everyone, and a lot for the discerning few. Jonathan Chalker, of the dark electro-pop act LowHero.DLL, also contributes vocals and lyrics to the track "Lost and Found".

Off Purpose is being sold as a limited boutique CDr with special hand-printed arigato jacket and trigger ejector case. Each jacket was hand-screened, and rusty metallic color variations were introduced to the screen at random moments during the printing process. As a result of this technique, each copy will feature slightly different "off purpose" appearance.

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