LowHero.DLL Announces the Release of Worse Than Digital

The 4th official release from LowHero.DLL on the GLIM Records label, Worse Than Digital is a cold exploration of uncertain relationships in the digital age as the objects of our affections and intrigue become less tangible.

Loaded with ominous electro bass lines, strong rhythms, and edgy, noisy synths, LowHero.DLL continues to find some gray area between the catchy pop song and the proverbial head-thumper. Lyrically, Worse Than Digital uses scientific and technological themes as a metaphorical means of tapping into the more organic and ethereal human condition as can be felt in the enigmatic line, electron meets a positron and they do the dance of annihilation, which alludes to a volatile and tenuous relationship between man and woman in this fast and frenzied "always on" society.

Worse Than Digital, with over 60 minutes of play, is comprised of 6 original tracks, one cover (The Ballad - originally by Snog), and 5 remixes by some excellent indie-electronica acts: Testube, Type001, Polluted, Digital Dirt Heads, and R010R.

Available for sale at Bandcamp 1/8/2012

Available for sale at Google Music Store for Android on 1/9/2012