GLIM Records Proudly Welcomes TYPE001

Since GLIM's inception in 2008, only two artists - Testube and LowHero.DLL - have graced the release catalog. We've been waiting patiently and with high expectations for just the right recording artist(s) to join us and help grow our repertoire in a meaningful way. The time has arrived and it is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of TYPE001 to our line-up.

TYPE001 (read as "Type One") is the well-established dark electro act of Matt Ossen, who received accolades and wide play of his DSBP label release, MULTI-TRACK ALIGNMENT. TYPE001 is a fantastic fit for GLIM Records' diverse synth-based sound palette. Matt has a sophisticated approach to vocally-enriched electronica, driving a sound that spans from crunchy, classic industrial body music to highly textured, progressive and melodic analog sound-scapes. This fresh and futuristic music swells and punches, often with an unexpected undertone of funky grooves. We find ourselves struggling to make artist comparisons, which is indicative of TYPE001's originality but we probably wouldn't be remiss in invoking notable names like Massive Attack, Meat Beat Manifesto, Snog, and The Mercy Cage. We absolutely love that TYPE001 can be given to introspective deep listening as well as pounding a few heads on the dance floor.

GLIM Records will soon be releasing TYPE001's outstanding new 14 track album - FINISHED BUSINESS. For more information visit and