GLIM RECORDS is pleased to announce the return of TYPE001!

Following several years of focused incubation, TYPE001 returns to the scene with FINISHED BUSINESS, a complex and visceral melange of dark electronica that breaks all the rules. For his first release on GLIM RECORDS, Matt Ossen has assembled an extremely diverse collection of genre-breaching tracks aimed at the choosy listener in search of something truly fearless. Unsatisfied with the pigeonholes of any single "scene", TYPE001 seamlessly welds the most sublime elements of post-industrial, dark trip-hop, and electropop into an uncompromising journey of synth-discovery.

Though direct comparisons are futile, tracks like "Room For One" and "Fear of Flying" can't help but hint at the ghost of X MARKS THE PEDWALK. "Who's Your Daddy Now" has an almost coldwave feel, while "Triple Threat" calls to mind the best moments of HAUJOBB. And with tracks like "Drive" and "Put Yr Beats in Line", TYPE001 seems to pay homage to classic funk-laced electronic acts like MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO or DIE WARZAU. Tucked between these potential club-smashers are futuristic compositions of sonic grace and ambient experimentation - soundtracks for your most vivid of dreams.

From the dancefloor to the earbuds, FINISHED BUSINESS is sure to impress!