Sub-Intellect EP

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Sub-Intellect EP is the 2nd release from LowHero.DLL and is made up of 5 original tunes, 1 cover, and remixes from Testube (Jeff Danos), Digital Dirt Heads (Justin Lassen), and Wavemoods (Thomas Mims).

This release, while maintaining the solid electro-alt-pop foundation of the debut effort, is somewhat influenced by the Indie Rock genre. With Sub-Intellect, Chalker continues exploration of amoralist, nihilist, and existential themes (Good to Know, Dots and Dashes, Escape Swim) but also lightens the atmosphere with a couple more playful offerings (70s Saturday Morning Hero, L~o~v~e). Listeners should find this a compelling step toward the next creative phase for LowHero.DLL.

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