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LowHero.DLL is the electro-alt-pop solo project of Jonathan Chalker, which is currently based in Florida. Chalker invokes New Wave and Punk influences such as The Normal, TSOL, Soft Cell, or Blondie while keeping the overall sound in the accessible territory of Alt-Pop.

Lyrically strong, LowHero.DLL has been described as "similar to Ladytron, but with male vocals" and is often compared to Apoptygma Berzerk and The Faint. Jonathan Chalker sometimes describes LowHero.DLL as geeky music (some of the songs are written as puzzles in order to give like minded individuals something beyond the music itself to indulge in). His website also claims another more tongue-in-cheek designation - music for shy Asian women.

Releases by this Artist on Glim Records

LowHero.DLL - Worse Than Digital
LowHero.DLL - Black...Bored
LowHero.DLL - Sub-Intellect EP
LowHero.DLL - FM_Era