About Us

The standard model for record labels is on its way out. Note, I didn't say labels themselves are on their way out, though they may well be. What is compelling however is the trend away from the ugly aspects of labels. Before coming to this decision to start our label in 2008, we had a big talk about all the things we value in our efforts at making music. We both decided that making money with our projects was not even close to the highest priority and if it became a higher priority, there was more potential for it in self releases than in signing to a label.

At the core of our decision to create Glim Records were two primary objectives - make music for self satisfaction first, and then share it with whomever will listen. By joining together, we help to satisfy both of these objectives. As mutual fans of one others' work, we inspire and motivate each other to make music and challenge ourselves to grow in the process and by combining our catalogs under a single moniker, we help to attract listeners to one another's work. We also get to share strategies for promotion and distribution. Beyond that, Glim gives us each another pet project to sustain, which for people who hate to see a good project die (it is a sickness really), is also a great motivator.

Glim Records initially launched with long-awaited new releases from Testube and LowHero.DLL. However, we were anxious to reach out to other independent acts to share in this glorious endeavor, and in 2011 welcomed superb electronic artist Matt Ossen (aka Type001) to the Glim Family. Ultimately, any acts that look to join us will carry their own projects and contribute a little something to the promotion and upkeep of the whole. It would be a mistake to say our label is just a name but as you can see it would also be a mistake to think of Glim as a traditional label. Consider Glim the label for the anti-labelists.

~ Jonathan (LowHero.DLL)